Regulations for DaSK

§ 1 Name:
Name og the club is "Dansk Svæveflyvehistorisk Klub" (Danish Vintage Gliding Club), in short hand: DaSK.

§ 2 Domicile:
The domicile of DaSK is the national gliding centre, Arnborg.

§ 3 Purpose:
The purpose og the club is to secure danish gliding history for the future. DaSK will attempt to do this by:

a. Securing, that historical gliding effects are restored, kept safe and well preserved.
b. Organizing exhibitions with historical gliding effects.
c. Organizing flying with vintage gliders.
d. Negotiating with other equal organizations, museums, unions and individual persons in order to promote the activities of DaSK.
e. Promoting the activities of DaSK by obtaining the rights of using or by taking over vintage gliding effects.

§ 4 Relations to other organizations:
"Dansk Svæveflyvehistorisk Klub" (Danish Vintage Gliding Club) is attached to "Dansk Svæveflyver Union" (the Danisk Soaring Association).

§ 5 Organization:
DaSK admits all individual persons, clubs etc., who are interested in the DaSK activities, as members. A membership og DaSK do not give the right, as an individual person, to receive the advantages, as a full membership of the Danish Soaring Association normally gives.

The club is under the leadership of a committee, consisting of 5 members, The Danish Soaring Association selects one member and the annual meeting selects the remaining four members. The committee is selected for a period og two years. The four members, selected during the annual meetings, are selected with two members on selection by turns every year.
The committee selects the chairman. In case of a long time absence, the committee can supplement itself. The committee is authorized to establish special groups for handling special tasks.
The annual meeting selects an accountant for a period of 3 years.

The annual meeting is the highest authority of DaSK, and the meeting has to be hold before the end og March every year with a notice of at least 3 weeks.
The agenda of the meeting is:

1. Selection of a chairperson.
2. The report from the committee.
3. Presenting of the accounts, the budget and the supscriptions for the comming year for adoption.
4. Motions from the members.
5. Elections of members to the committee.
6. Election of an auditor.
7. Any other business.

The annual meeting is a form a quorum, when legal noticed. All members, who are not in arrears, have the right of voting. Motions from the members, for reading at the annual meeting has to be delivered to the chairman not later than two weeks before the date of the annual meeting.
Any changes in the rules can be made, if they are adopted by the annual meeting with at least 2/3 of the present legal votes. All other decisions can be adopted with common majority of votes.

§ 6 Dissolution of the club
The club can be dissolved at an annual meeting, if it is a resolution of at least 3/4 of the present legal votes. Any possible fortune has to be handed over to "Dansk Svæveflyver Union" (Danish Soaring Association).

Adopted at the Establishing annual meeting February 20th. 1988. With later modifications, February 24th. 1990 and February 27th 1993.