Regulations for the DaSK Fund

§ 1 Name and domicile
The name og the fund is "The DaSK-fund" (DaSK-Fonden)
The domicile of the DaSK-Fund is Dansk Svæveflyver Union, Fasterholtvej 10, DK-7400 Herning (the municipality of Herning)

§ 2 Purpose
The purpose of the fund is financial to give:
1. Support to buy such gliders and gliding effects, which naturally is a part of the purpose of DaSK.
2. Support to carry out greater single projects attached to restoration of gliders.
3. Support to build and establish workshop and storage facilities for DaSK-owned effects.

§ 3 Procuring money
The fund can receive money for the in § 2 named purposes from individual persons and public institutions or through the Danish Soaring Association.

§ 4 Committee and auditing
The committee of DaSK is the committee of the DaSK fund.
The auditor of DaSK is the auditor of the DaSK fund.

§ 5 The administration of the fund
The committee is entitled to administrate the fund-owned money as mentioned in § 2. Remaining money has to be deposited on a special bank account.

§ 6 The report from the committee and the accounts
The financial year is the calendar year.
At the annual meeting for DaSK informs the fund committee about the activities in the previous year, and the accounts shall be presented for information.

§ 10 Dissolution
The fund can be dissolved following the same lines as for DaSK.

Adopted at the establishing annual meeting, March 6th 1999